Kindle Custom Screen Savers

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I had fun, tweaking my Kindle and taking these photos. 🙂 Hope you guys love them like I do.

I you want to have custom screen savers like this, of course you must have a Kindle 3 :wink:, and then jailbreak it. Then install this tweak. As of now, Kindle 4 jailbreak is not possible YET, but those brilliant devs are trying. Head over to >> this POST << if you don’t know how to jailbreak and install tweaks.

After installed, you will find a new folder called “linkss” in your Kindle device, inside it, there will be a “screensavers” folder, all you have to do is put all your pictures in here. Restart you Kindle, you should now have custom screen savers.

Download Screen Savers Tweak
(if link is broken, Visit this thread.)

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