Touch or Keyboard ??

Let’s look at the Touch and Keyboard, and also the new Kindle base model, Kindle 4, with nothing but a few navigation buttons.

Touch vs. Keyboard

Touchscreen Keyboard

Touchscreen Keyboard

I have a Kindle 3, now “Kindle Keyboard“, and at first I found the typing is somewhat awkward and difficult. However, it gets easier and less painful to the point that I find myself type relatively fast with it. The keyboard is also used by many tweaks and hacks after I jailbroke it, but I guess touchscreen keyboard is not a problem for this. To me, the touchable screen itself that makes me prefer keyboard, since it feels more natural to drag my fingers across the page when I read, like I sometimes absently do with real books. The decisive point of Keyboard over Touch for me, however, is the lack of page turn buttons. It’s not a big deal, but too disappointing. I might end up confuse myself when and when not to touch. 😆

Touch vs. No-Touch

This is a no-brainer. I find only 2, but weak, advantages of the Kindle (No touchscreen) over Kindle Touch: cheaper price tag and page turn buttons. The Touch is only $20 pricier than the base Kindle, and it comes with 4GB storage space, Text-to-Speech, speakers and headphones jack, ability to play audio content, a better way to type. Really, just go ahead and grub Touch. (Although I rarely listen to music from my Kindle, but still..)

***Note: Be aware that Kindle Touch 3G !, Amazon says you cannot surf the web on 3G network anymore !***

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