Kindle 3.3 – Jailbreak Friendly

[Update: I uninstalled 2 intrusive hacks, Keybru 0.05 and usbNetwork, and tried to update to 3.3 again. It went on smoothly, and finally showed version 3.3 in the Settings page.

If you have unintrusive ones, like screensavers, font hack or launchpad, you should be able to update without problems, with custom screensavers still work after update of course.]

[Update 2: Just to let you know that I reinstalled those two hacks back successfully without hiccups. (Keybru 0.07, though. I’ll cover this great keyboard hack very soon. Stay tuned.)]

Amazon sent an email to me that Kindle Software Update 3.3 is available to download for my Kindle Keyboard.

So I went on and updated my Kindle. It installed smoothly without any error popped up, but after updated it still shows that I have version 3.1. I guess I have to uninstall the hacks I have first. Maybe I’ll do that later.

If you don’t know how to jailbreak, head over to my post here.

If you want to update your Kindle, in case it doesn’t do automatically, here are the links.

Kindle Keyboard Wi-Fi: Download 3.3
Your serial number will start with “B008”

Kindle Keyboard 3G (Free 3G + Wi-Fi) – U.S. and Canadian Customers: Download 3.3
Your serial number will start with “B006”

Kindle Keyboard 3G (Free 3G + Wi-Fi) – European Customers: Download 3.3
Your serial number will start with “B00A”

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Kindle Custom Screen Savers

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I had fun, tweaking my Kindle and taking these photos. 🙂 Hope you guys love them like I do.

I you want to have custom screen savers like this, of course you must have a Kindle 3 :wink:, and then jailbreak it. Then install this tweak. As of now, Kindle 4 jailbreak is not possible YET, but those brilliant devs are trying. Head over to >> this POST << if you don’t know how to jailbreak and install tweaks.

After installed, you will find a new folder called “linkss” in your Kindle device, inside it, there will be a “screensavers” folder, all you have to do is put all your pictures in here. Restart you Kindle, you should now have custom screen savers.

Download Screen Savers Tweak
(if link is broken, Visit this thread.)

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How-To: Jailbreak Your Kindle / Install Tweaks

[Update2: Kindle 3.4 is out. Also NiLuJe updated the jailbreak to version 0.11.N, which works on my v3.4 Kindle Keyboard]

[Update: Kindle 3.3 is out. Also NiLuJe updated the jailbreak to version 0.10.N, which should work on 3.3. It is reported that 0.9.N works on 3.3 too.]

Important Note: If you’re upgrading a jailbroken Kindle, you DO NOT touch the jailbreak ever again. That means you don’t have to jailbreak again after upgrade, and even if an update of the jailbreak is released, you do NOT have to update the jailbreak! Please also read notes at the end of this post.

First off, jailbreaking you Kindle does not void your warranty. As Amazon Customer Service Representative stated here,

Custom Screen Savers Customer Service does not support or provide instructions for adding custom images to your Kindle to be used as screen savers. However, should you choose to do this on your own it will not void your warranty.

So why do you want to jailbreak you device? The most basic reason is that you may just want to change your screen savers, or you want to extend you Kindle’s functionality to read EPUB files and do some other cool geeky things.

According to Yifan Lu, “This should in theory work with every Kindle version from 2.0 to 3.2.1. However, only Kindle 3 on 3.2.1 have been tested, so use at your own risk.”

Installing the jailbreak is very easy and does not require any special technical knowledge at all, thanks to these guys: Yifan Lu, NiLuJe, dsmid, serge_levin, and others.

  1. Download jailbreak files to you computer from here (NiLuJe’s).
    Note: If links broke, please follow this link to download them from original thread.
  2. Extract the ZIP file
  3. Copy the correct file foryour Kindle to your device’s drive
    • k2   for Kindle 2 US
    • k2i  for Kindle 2 International
    • dx   for Kindle DX US
    • dxi  for Kindle DX International
    • dxg for Kindle DX Graphite
    • k3   for Kindle 3 Wifi + 3G (US & Canada)
    • k3g for Kindle 3 Wifi + 3G (Intenational)
    • k3w for Kindle 3 Wifi

    In my case, it’s k3w.Copy update file to Kindle Continue reading