Kindle Custom Screen Savers

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I had fun, tweaking my Kindle and taking these photos. 🙂 Hope you guys love them like I do.

I you want to have custom screen savers like this, of course you must have a Kindle 3 :wink:, and then jailbreak it. Then install this tweak. As of now, Kindle 4 jailbreak is not possible YET, but those brilliant devs are trying. Head over to >> this POST << if you don’t know how to jailbreak and install tweaks.

After installed, you will find a new folder called “linkss” in your Kindle device, inside it, there will be a “screensavers” folder, all you have to do is put all your pictures in here. Restart you Kindle, you should now have custom screen savers.

Download Screen Savers Tweak
(if link is broken, Visit this thread.)

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How To: Run Windows 7 (Bootcamp) in VirtualBox

Bootcamp is great and all, but… the fact that we have to reboot is not !

Sometimes you want to do a little task that really has to be run on Windows or there’s no alternative software for Mac, but you don’t want to reboot into Bootcamp to do it. And you want to keep Bootcamp, since it lets you run Windows to its potential. Well, VirtualBox can certainly help you ! It’s a great piece of freeware that I recently fell in love with.

It lets you startup Windows 7 that you have on Bootcamp as a virtual machine (VM) relatively easy. So the data stays in sync whether you boot up from Bootcamp or VBox inside Mac OS (since it’s really the same installation). Instead of creating a virtual hard disk file like normal virtual machine, it uses a small special file that essential let the VM access the real physical disk.

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Read Anywhere, Everywhere

I’ll tell you why having a Kindle or buying Kindle ebooks can give you the freedom of reading !

Do you know you can read Kindle ebooks without actually having a Kindle? Well, it’s true, you can, but what’s the fun in that?

As I said, there is basically a Kindle reading app for each and every popular computer or mobile devices you can think of, and they’re all FREE ! Here’s the list of devices you can read on.

Kindle Apps

Kindle Apps

Download your apps HERE

Also, if you use a public computer or in some situation, you can’t or don’t want to install an app on the computer, Amazon’s Cloud Reader let you read right there on the web browser. It only supports Chrome and Safari right now, but both browser are free to download anyway. Nothing stops you from reading !

You buy books once, you can read them anywhere you like. All bookmarks, highlights and notes you make are always in-sync. Whispersync takes care of that for you automatically in the background (you need to be connected to the Internet of course).

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Enter to Win Dropbox Pro for Life ! 10 to Grab!

Who doesn’t use Dropbox? Come on, it’s free and extremely easy to use. The Dropbox folder sits in your home directory like other folders, but it automatically backups your files to the cloud. You get 2GB of storage for free!

If you don’t have an account yet. Sign up now HERE. And then enter the draw HERE.

Dropbox Pro For Life FREEDropbox Pro x10

  • A value of $99 per year forever
  • 50GB of Dropbox storage forever
  • Access your files from anywhere forever
  • Share your files with friends forever
  • SSL and AES-256 bit encryption for-e-ver

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Kindle 4 vs. Kindle 3 (Keyboard)

Well, Amazon says Kindle 4 is lighter, smaller, faster, better, blah blah blah. To me, I still prefer Kindle 3. Why?

First, Kindle 4 does not have audio playback capability. That basically means NO Text-to-Speech, and Audiobook, music, song, and such.

Furthermore, you have to use 5-way navigator button to move your way around your virtual on-screen keyboard every time you do some typing. What a tedious task!

Keyboard vs. No-Keyboard

On-screen Keyboard

On-screen Keyboard

Most people buy Kindle to read books and just that. They don’t use the built-in browser to surf the Internet, cause they might find it frustrating to move their way around. If you think you’re one of them, then go for the Kindle 4, as it is cheaper, faster, smaller, lighter, and considered as newer models. Kindle Touch is also a good choice if don’t like Kindle Keyboard, as it has the new X-Ray feature and Audio playback. However, if you are not interested in X-Ray feature or don’t like the idea of E-Ink Touchscreen, and believe that you will utilize the physical keyboard for browsing, emailing, and so on, then you might want to consider Kindle Keyboard..

I’m Kindled

Tips: Launch Browser Shortcut

Amazon puts web browser in Experimental page, which, I think, is kind of tiring to launch it. Every time you want to go to the browser, you have to press Home, press Menu, go all the way down to Experimental, and Launch Browser! 😡

Thank God ! we have Launchpad, it basically let you set a shortcut for everything.

It is a jailbreak tweak, so you have to jailbreak you Kindle first. Read my How-To here, if you don’t know how, it’s not gonna take longer than 5 minutes. And then install Launchpad using the same instruction you install jailbreak.

And finally, put this INI file, in the launchpad folder on your Kindle drive.

Now every time you want to open the browser, all you have to do is press Shift + B, and launchpad will do the rest.Copy to LaunchpadDownload Launchpad installer

Download INI file

Credit: dmetzcher from this thread