Kindle 3.4 update! and the all-new Kindle Family

You must know by now that the Kindle Family has been updated, but my beloved Kindle Keyboard is still available. So naturally, it will get a small update (version 3.4) to support Whispersync for Voice and maybe more. You can read this thread for more information. And don’t forget to check out the new Kindle Paperwhite (sounds like paperweight, huh?) that features built-in light. Bear in mind that the Paperwhite drops audio support, so no audiobook.

The All New Kindle Fire HD Family

The Kindle Fire also gets a spec bump and a price drop. It nows costs only $159. However, it just got big brothers: Fire HD 7″ and Fire HD 8.9″, prices start at $199 and $299 respectively. Seriously, it’s a steal compared to other Android tablets out there. Though I’m a little disappointed that the Fire OS is based on Android 4.0, not 4.1. You can pre-order them right now. Links are listed below.


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