Read Anywhere, Everywhere

I’ll tell you why having a Kindle or buying Kindle ebooks can give you the freedom of reading !

Do you know you can read Kindle ebooks without actually having a Kindle? Well, it’s true, you can, but what’s the fun in that?

As I said, there is basically a Kindle reading app for each and every popular computer or mobile devices you can think of, and they’re all FREE ! Here’s the list of devices you can read on.

Kindle Apps

Kindle Apps

Download your apps HERE

Also, if you use a public computer or in some situation, you can’t or don’t want to install an app on the computer, Amazon’s Cloud Reader let you read right there on the web browser. It only supports Chrome and Safari right now, but both browser are free to download anyway. Nothing stops you from reading !

You buy books once, you can read them anywhere you like. All bookmarks, highlights and notes you make are always in-sync. Whispersync takes care of that for you automatically in the background (you need to be connected to the Internet of course).

For instance, you buy an ebook on Kindle at home in the morning, then go to your gram’s house in the afternoon and stay the night. You enjoy reading the book and fall asleep. You wake up late the next morning and you’re running rate so you forget you Kindle. Now, you realize it when you’re 100 miles away. Yeah, gram’s gonna send you the Kindle, but you don’t have to stop reading the book you enjoy so much. You can just download one of these apps, and start reading where you left off right away !


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