Tips: Launch Browser Shortcut

Amazon puts web browser in Experimental page, which, I think, is kind of tiring to launch it. Every time you want to go to the browser, you have to press Home, press Menu, go all the way down to Experimental, and Launch Browser! 😡

Thank God ! we have Launchpad, it basically let you set a shortcut for everything.

It is a jailbreak tweak, so you have to jailbreak you Kindle first. Read my How-To here, if you don’t know how, it’s not gonna take longer than 5 minutes. And then install Launchpad using the same instruction you install jailbreak.

And finally, put this INI file, in the launchpad folder on your Kindle drive.

Now every time you want to open the browser, all you have to do is press Shift + B, and launchpad will do the rest.Copy to LaunchpadDownload Launchpad installer

Download INI file

Credit: dmetzcher from this thread


3 thoughts on “Tips: Launch Browser Shortcut

  1. Roger Aarons says:

    This works, but only if you press the shortcut sequence while the Kindle is in ‘normal’ portrait mode with the keyboard at the bottom. It won’t work in landscape mode because the key presses on the 5-way that it simulates have different effects on menu navigation in the different modes. In particular, the ‘k3_FW_Down’ and ‘k3_FW_Up’ keys act as ‘k3_FW_Right’ and ‘k3_FW_Left’ keys (and vice versa) when the kindle is in landscape mode.

    It should be easy to modify the key sequence to work in either landscape mode (keys on left or on right, but not the same mod for both!), but one would have to remember to use the one for the mode one is in when pressing the shortcut keys.

  2. Roger Aarons says:

    It seems that the browser runs as a daemon, browserd, in the background all the time. But is it possible to bring up the browser directly with a linux command? If so, it would only be necessary to replace the following:

    B = #’k3_Home’ ‘Menu’ ‘k3_FW_Down’ ‘k3_FW_Down’ ‘k3_FW_Down’ ‘k3_FW_Down’ ‘k3_FW_Down’ ‘k3_FW_Down’ ‘k3_FW_Down’ ‘k3_FW_Press’ ‘k3_FW_Up’ ‘k3_FW_Press’


    B = !

    in the file ‘launch_browser.ini’.

    I have not been able, searching the entire directory hierarchy, to figure out what that command might be. Does such a command exist and, if so, what is it?

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