How-To: Schedule & Automate KindleFeeder Delivery for FREE

There’s many services out there that let you subscribe to blogs and deliver the content to your kindle. However, most of the free service do not offer automatic delivery or limit number of blogs you can subscribe.

  • For the famous, it requires you to go to the website and press a send button. The lovely part of KindleFeeder is that it let you subscribe up to 12 blogs!
  • For services like Readability‘s Send to Kindle or Instapaper, even though you might get a automatic delivery when a number of read later entries is reached (Instapaper), it’s not a blog subscription.
  • Or SENDtoREADER limit you to only 1 active subscription at a time.

So the best service for us at this point is KindleFeeder, since it lets you have up to 12 subscriptions, so all we have to do is automate the task of going to the site and click the Send button at a given time of a day.

Let’s automate the task!

I found a way to automate this task rather easily with iMacros Add-on for Firefox or Internet Explorer. All you need to do is record you actions, starting at…

  1. type the URL “”
  2. supply you username and password in the text boxes
  3. click login
  4. scroll down and click “Send wireless”
  5. close the tab

then save your task record, give it a name. You will then have ATaskFile.iim in YourHomeDirectory/iMacros.

When you want to run this task, just open this URL:

If you saved the task file in a subdirectory (say YourHomeDirectory/iMacros/SubFolder), you’ll have to change the URL to something like this:

(%5C stands for /)

After the break is how to schedule the task to run automatically at a given time of a day.

Schedule it to run while you’re asleep!

For Windows, you can do this using Schedule Tasks in Control Panel. It can even wake up your computer to run the task! Very convenient.

All you have to is create a batch file that opens Firefox with the URL.

To do this, open up Notepad and type this line in with quotes and everything,

"C:Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe"

Then save it as KindleFeederTask.bat and use it with Windows’ Schedule Tasks in Control Panel.

For Mac or Linux, you can do this equally easily with shell script. In Mac OS, you should create an AppleScript app to use iCal to automate the task everyday.

To do this, open up AppleScript Editor in Applications/Utilities, and add this line

do shell script "open -a /Applications/"

Then save it as an application, or a script, whichever you prefer. In iCal, create an event, set it to repeat everyday, and then select Alert action to run the script. If you want you mac to wake from sleep to do the task, go to System Preferences > Energy Saver, click Schedule.. button and setup you Mac to wake before you set your script to run.

That’s it! If you find it troublesome, I encourage you to use the paid services to support these great developers, so they can continue to provide us useful services. 😀


Visit iMacros Wiki for more in-depth info.


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